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Syed Rizvi, M.D.  

Chief Medical Officer


Dr. Rizvi was appointed Chief Medical Officer of Poseida Therapeutics in April 2024 and is responsible for developing and executing on clinical development strategy. Dr. Rizvi brings over 20 years of experience and has a proven track record in guiding the development and commercialization of multiple cancer treatments, including three approved autologous CAR-T cell therapies: CARVYKTI® and ABECMA® in myeloma and BREYANZI® in lymphoma. Dr. Rizvi most recently served as Chief Medical Officer at Caribou Biosciences, an allogeneic cell therapy company, where he was responsible for overall strategy and execution of all clinical development programs. Prior to this, he served as Chief Medical Officer at Chimeric Therapeutics, where he helped build the company’s pipeline and progressed programs to clinical development. Previously, Dr. Rizvi held a series of global clinical leadership roles of increasing responsibility at Legend Biotech, Celgene, Novartis, Merck, and Genta Inc. He received his M.D. from Dow Medical College and spent several years in direct patient care before joining Saint Vincent’s Comprehensive Cancer Center in New York. He is an active member of several professional medical organizations.