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Single Treatment Cures

We’re changing the very model of disease treatment. Our piggyBac DNA Modification System enables us to target single treatment cures. In our CAR-T oncology programs we can reshape the composition of therapies to feature a higher degree of stem cell memory T cells. In our gene therapy programs we aspire to develop single treatment cures. We believe our novel approach can drive better patient outcomes with less toxicity across our pipeline.

Accessible Treatment

Disease does not discriminate, but access to treatment often does, especially new, life-saving, potentially breakthrough cell and gene therapies. Our mission at Poseida is to develop the science to enable accessible and transformational treatment for all – safe, affordable, and standardized.

“The incredible teamwork and collaboration at Poseida help us solve complex problems associated with cell and gene therapy.”

Nick G .

Poseida Employee

Poseida - What If

Off-the-Shelf Therapies

At Poseida, we’re harnessing the power of the immune system to develop safer, more effective, accessible, and affordable treatments. In CAR-T, we are striving for dramatically greater access to treatments by producing them from universal donor cells – an off-the-shelf approach that will expand capacity and increase access while lowering costs.

CAR-T for Solid Tumors

Early CAR-T treatments have been focused on liquid tumors – blood cancers in the lymphoma and leukemia families. The unique benefits of Poseida’s piggyBac DNA Modification System and other technologies are at the core of moving CAR-T into treating solid tumors, such as prostate cancer. CAR-T was the first revolution. Extending it to solid tumors is the next one, and we are proud to be leading it.

What now

“CAR-T has the potential to make a great difference, giving patients an opportunity to get treatment and then have life without drugs or side effects.”


Hematologic Oncologist

Poseida - What Now

What next

Gene Therapies

Poseida is utilizing our proprietary tools to develop next-generation solutions including liver-directed gene therapies utilizing nanoparticle technology, which are showing promise in preclinical data in the continued pursuit of single treatment cures beyond oncology.

Expanded Capabilities

At Poseida, we don’t see problems as insurmountable. Instead, we work through challenges and generate the additional capabilities and tool sets to overcome them. Our robust gene delivery and best-in-class gene editing tools are examples of how we are continually expanding the benefits of our platforms to tackle the most complex problems.

“We are developing therapies to revolutionize the treatment of cancers and genetic disease in pursuit of single treatment cures.”

Eric M. Ostertag, M.D., Ph.D.

Founder, Poseida Therapeutics

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