Senior Research Associate, Clinical Biomarkers

Clinical Biomarkers group at Poseida is responsible for development and implementation of clinical biomarker strategies in support of clinical studies. We are looking for a highly motivated senior associate to manage biomarker laboratory efforts in support of Poseida’s clinical studies. Knowledge and experience in execution of biomarker discovery and development plan is essential, so is hands-on experience in setting up and performing biomarker assays. Prior experience in the field of cancer immunotherapy and translational research is desirable.

Essential Duties:

The biomarker associate will perform method development and validation for detection and quantification of biomarkers in support of Poseida’s clinical studies.

The successful candidate, in partnership with Clinical Operations, will track clinical and laboratory samples, follows up with sites and or CRO to resolve queries; performs data entry and reconciliation as needed. The candidate manages clinical bio-samples logistics and storage.

Required & Desirable Experience and Skills:

A Bachelor’s degree in a discipline of biological sciences with 6 years of relevant experience, or a master’s degree with 4 years of experience.

Strong background in performing laboratory assays including immunoassays using a variety of platforms:

  • Single analyte platforms such as ELISA
  • Multi analyte platforms such as Luminex and MSD
  • Multi-parametric flow cytometry assays including immuno-phenotyping
  • Assays that apply molecular biology techniques.

Familiarity with immunohistochemistry, cell-based functional assays, and high-content NGS is desirable. Experience with handling a variety of biological samples is a requirement. Prior experience or ability to develop skills to organize and manage large data sets and present updates and summaries to the team is highly desirable. The successful candidate is expected to work seamlessly as part of a multi-functional team, have excellent oral and written communication skills, and participate and contribute to team meetings.