Research Associate, Immuno-Oncology

Poseida Therapeutics, Inc. is seeking an outstanding candidate to join our immuno-oncology team at La Jolla, San Diego, CA.  The Research Associate (RA) will possess a Master’s Degree in the field of immunology, molecular biology, or related field.  Prior hands-on experience developing, testing, and/or utilizing chimeric antigen receptors (CAR)s is highly preferred.  Research studies will support the development of CAR-T cellular therapies against cancer and involve bench work, laboratory studies, and the coordination of research projects with the assistance of a senior lab member and/or the lab director.  Studies may include work with molecular biology and cloning techniques, tissue culture of human cell lines, isolation of cells from blood products, virus production, in vitro human cell based immunoassays, and cell separation techniques.  The candidate will have good oral and written communication skills, and will work with minimal supervision in the laboratory to manage daily research projects, collect data, and prepare reports.

Poseida Therapeutics is translating best-in-class gene engineering technologies into lifesaving cell therapies. The company is developing CAR T-cell immunotherapies for multiple myeloma, prostate and other cancer types, as well as gene therapies for orphan diseases. P-BCMA-101 is Poseida’s lead CAR-T therapy currently in Phase 1 clinical development for the treatment of multiple myeloma. Poseida has assembled a suite of industry-leading gene engineering technologies, including the piggyBac™ DNA Modification System, TAL-CLOVER™ and Cas-CLOVER™ site-specific nucleases, and Footprint-Free™ Gene Editing (FFGE). For more information, visit

Required Experience and Skills:

  • MS in the field of immunology, molecular biology, or related field
  • Expertise in the characterization, culture, expansion, and manipulation of T cells
  • A strong knowledge of cellular and/or tumor immunology principles, technologies, and experimental techniques (cell culture, in vitro cellular assays, flow cytometry, etc…)
  • Multi-parameter flow cytometry and proficiency in FACS data analysis programs
  • Functional assays measuring cellular activation, cytokine release, proliferation, and killing
  • Molecular biology, Cloning and PCR technologies, genetic manipulation
  • Cell separation technologies (e.g., Miltenyi AutoMACS) and FACS sorting
  • Ability to organize, communicate, and present complex data sets to key stakeholders from diverse backgrounds

Preferred Experience and Skills:

  • Hands-on experience developing, testing, and/or utilizing CARs
  • Electroporation techniques and technologies (Plasmid DNA, IVT RNA)
  • Demonstrated track record in successfully developing and employing in vitro/in vivo models
  • Genetic manipulation using CRISPRs, TALENs, or ZFNs
  • Viral vector design and transduction techniques (retroviral, lentiviral)
  • Strong understanding of transplantation biology and the role of histocompatibility antigens
  • Murine tumor models (genetically engineered or syngeneic)